Season 1

Nov 22, 202232 min
S01 E11: Unlocking behavioral data at scale with Alex Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Snowplow
'Data as oil' is an extensively used metaphor and its impact can be gauged by how every business is heavily dependent on the data provided to them by 3rd party sources. Source data systems are finite, they have a certain amount of data with a limited associated scope. This is...more
Nov 15, 202237 min
S01 E10: Commoditizing data integration with Airbyte, Michel Tricot, Co-founder and CEO, Airbyte
When Michel and his team founded Airbyte back in 2020 there were already a ton of data integration tools out there and by 2020, it was a pretty mature space altogether. So what led them to start this company and what unique problem did they aim to address? To answer...more
Nov 08, 202229 min
S01 E09 What the heck is Headless BI with Igor Lukanin, Head of Developer Relations at Cube
Headless BI is one of the new and emerging category of the Modern Data Stack. Although the concept of Headless has existed for quite long in terms of Headless CMS, why is there a need for a Headless BI tool? Why should anyone care about Headless BI? To answer these...more
Nov 01, 202231 min
S01 E08 On software engineering approach towards data observability with Shane Murray, Field CTO at Monte Carlo Data
For early-stage startups, sometimes bringing in full-fledged data observability can be overkill. Even if an established organisation starts monitoring their data quality, it's often hard to judge if it is a tech problem or a people problem. In the latest episode of the Modern Data Show, Shane Murray, who went...more
Oct 25, 202230 min
S01 E07: Powering real time Change Data Capture using Fivetran with Mark Van de Wiel, Field CTO at Fivetran
In this episode, Mark Van de Wiel (Field CTO at Fivetran, previously CTO at HVR Software) walks us through the tech architecture behind HVR (acquired by Fivetran in 2021), why they merged with Fivetran, how both the technologies complemented each other and how are they now powering real time Change...more
Oct 18, 202230 min
S01 E06: Understanding Full-Stack Data Observability with Salma Bakouk, Co-founder of Sifflet Data
Data quality issues have existed since the time businesses started using data to drive business initiatives. ‘Data Observability’ as a category is gaining a lot of attention and is maturing pretty fast. To understand the evolution and the current rise of ‘data observability’ we have Salma Bakouk with us, who...more
Oct 11, 202230 min
S01 E05: Streaming Data and the Modern Real-Time Data Stack, Lightspeed Ventures
With the modern data stack evolving constantly, the next thing to look forward to is a real-time data stack, where companies are not just producing data in real-time but also consuming it on a real-time basis. In this latest episode of the Modern Data Show, we discuss the same with...more
Oct 04, 202230 min
S01 E04: Navigating the future of Modern Data Stack with Chris Riccomini, Seed Investor
There is a lot of content out there about what does future holds for Modern Data Stack from vendors perspective, but very few about what is actually going to stay relevant in the market. To understand this we have Chris Ricommini joining us for this episode on navigating the future...more
Sep 27, 202236 min
S01 E03: Commercial v/s Open-source v/s In-house ETL solution with Lucas Smith and Addison Higley, Hudl
Selecting the right set of data tools is important as it can have a long term strategic impact on your business. You can choose between commercial or open source tooling and can even custom build according to your needs. In this episode we discussed the factors to be considered while...more
Sep 20, 202236 min
S01 E02: The third wave of data technologies with Mahdi Karabiben, Zendesk
The data space has grown rapidly in last few years. To put this progress in context Mahdi has divided it into three waves. First being of ETL, OLAP, and relational data warehouses. The second being the era of scalability and now we have entered the third wave - the Modern Data Stack wave. Join...more
Sep 13, 202235 min
S01 E01: Understanding the data platform at Canva with Greg Roodt, Canva
Managing ETL processes, data infrastructure, and data teams is already an arduous task, imagine doing all this in a very data-intensive organisation! In this episode, Greg takes us through how he and his team have kept things rolling at Canva. Greg walks us through what data platforms they use at...more