Modern Data
Summit '23

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Cocoa Ventures

Unleashing the Power of Data

A Retrospective look at The Modern Data Summit ‘23

Huckletree Shoreditch, London, UK
2nd March 2023

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A Summit for the Modern Data Community

Whether you are a data professional looking to advance your skills, a business leader seeking to leverage data to drive growth, or a technology enthusiast eager to explore the latest innovations in the field, the Modern Data Summit has something for everyone. Join us for learning, networking, and discovery as we explore the future of data together.

Thanks to our Speakers

Frederik Gjørup Nielsen

Engineering Manager in Data & Analytics

Roman Nestertsov

Director Product Architecture

Alex Dean

CEO & Co-founder

What our speakers think about data

Modernizing the data landscape at Pandora

Frederik Gjorup Nielsen

Treating SQL Like a Modern Programming Language

Roman Nestertsov

Why data contracts matter

Alex Dean

Thanks to the panel of summit

Sanjot Malhi


Frederik Gjørup Nielsen

Engineering Manager in Data & Analytics

Carmen Alfonso Rico


Matthew Mullins


Reece Chowdhry

Founding Partner

Aneel Lakhani


Enrique Colin

Insight & Analytics Lead, VP

Marko Srsan


Panel Discussion

The Gap between Insight and Impact

Challenges to Building a Data-driven Organization: With all the data that companies have access to these days, you'd think it would be easy to turn it into something useful. But that's not always the case. There's often a big gap between the insights we get from data, and the impact it actually has on the business. There are lots of reasons for this. Maybe different teams don't talk to each other enough, or the company's computer systems aren't set up well to handle all that data. Sometimes it's hard to even figure out which data is important! Join us to learn from data experts on how to bridge the gap between insights and impact!


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