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Data Quality Monitor...

State of Data Quality Monitoring in 2021

Metrics Store

Here is What Happens If You Decouple Your BI Stack

ETL Tools

The Missing Introduction to React

Data Discovery

How LinkedIn, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Netflix are S...

Metrics Store

The missing piece of the modern data stack

Operational Analytic...

Operational intelligence and the new frontier of d...

Metrics Store

How Airbnb Achieved Metric Consistency at Scale

Data Lakes

Hudi, Iceberg and Delta Lake: Data Lake Table Form...

Metrics Store

Headless Business Intelligence

Metrics Store

Is Minerva the answer?

Data Discovery

Data Discovery for Business Intelligence

Metrics Store

Why metrics should be a first class citizen in a m...

Feature Store

Feature Store for ML

Data Quality Monitor...

+ 1

Superglue — Journey of Lineage, Data Observability...

Data Logging

Build A Slackbot

Data Quality Monitor...

Data Quality In Data Engineering Workflows

ETL Tools

+ 3

Unpacking The Data Hype

Data Cataloging

How to Make Your Data Catalog Successful

Data Streaming

Why Developers Love Redpanda

Data Quality Monitor...

Data Quality Roadmap. Part I


Looker and BigQuery: Enterprise digital transformation at Sunrun
An Approach to Data Quality for Netflix Personalization Systems
Augmented Analytics Explained
Augmented Analytics and the Future of Data Analytics
The Changing Landscape of Data Collaboration
Taylor Brown and George Fraser, Co-Founders of Fivetran, keynote the Modern Data Stack Conference
Introduction to headless BI - Webinar
The Modern Data Analytics Stack for AI-Driven Decision Intelligence
Data Mesh in Practice: How Europe's Leading Online Platform for Fashion Goes Beyond the Data Lake
Data Cataloging with Knowledge Graphs

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