Season 2

Mar 21, 202336 min
S02 E05: What's Fundamentally Wrong with Modern Data Stack with Lauren Balik, Owner at Upright Analytics
Lauren Balik, who runs Upright Analytics and is a leading data consultant and investor, discusses why she believes the modern data stack is flawed and the three factors that affect the cost of a data platform. Balik also compares building versus buying a data platform and recommends an OLAP database...more
Mar 14, 202330 min
S02 E04: Legacy to Modern: Transforming Analytics Infrastructure with Ian Macomber, Head of Analytics Engineering & Data Science at Ramp
Ian Macomber, Head of Analytics Engineering & Data Science at Ramp, discusses the company's approach to automating finance tools and building the next generation of finance through data-driven decision-making. Macomber emphasizes the importance of cross-functional collaboration and embedding the data team into every part of the product engineering process. He...more
Mar 07, 202334 min
S02 E03: Innovating the Modern Data Stack: Change Data Capture and Beyond with Gunnar Morling Senior Staff Software Engineer at Decodable
In this episode of Modern Data Show Gunnar Morling discussed his interest in software engineering and databases and his recent move to Decodable, a real-time stream processing platform based on Apache Flink. He talked about the importance of cohesive data pipelines, from source to sink, and how his work with...more
Feb 28, 202333 min
S02 E02: Building for Scale: When and How to Invest in Data Platforms with Brennon York, Head of Data Platform at Lyft
In this episode of the Modern Data Show, Brennon York, Head of the Data Platform at Lyft, gives insights into the critical aspects of the data platform ecosystem in the early stages when there is no scale. Brennon also discusses the structure of the data platform team and new emerging...more
Feb 21, 202337 min
S02 E01: A deep dive into the world of Data Streaming with Kai Waehner, Global Field CTO at Confluent
In this episode of the Modern Data Show, host Aayush Jain is joined by Kai Waehner, the Global Field CTO at Confluent, to discuss all things about Apache Kafka, Confluent, and event streaming. Confluent is a complete event streaming platform and fully managed Kafka service used by tech giants, modern...more