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Here’s the difference between Woopra and June. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About Woopra

Woopra is a real-time customer analytics service platform that is designed to help organizations optimize the entire customer lifecycle by delivering live, granular behavioral data for individual website visitors and customers. Woopra enables the marketers to create custom labels for different visitor segments and to start a live chat right away when they spot a promising customer on the site. The company has over 5000 customers including Sequoia Capital, GAP and Informatica. It tracks over 200,000 websites, 15 Billion actions per month and over half a million visitors per minute. The business runs on a freemium model which can be upgraded to subscription plans based on the number of actions performed on the site. 

About June

June is a cloud-based product analytics tool. The features of the product include actionable insights and custom-built reports, integrations, one-click data connection, user retention, product, and event tracking, etc. It also provides integration over GitDuck, Quorum, assemble, etc.

Comparison Table

CategoriesProduct AnalyticsProduct Analytics
StageLate StageEarly Stage
Target SegmentSMBs, Mid size, EnterpriseMid size
Business ModelCommercialCommercial
PricingFreemium, Contact SalesFreemium
LocationSan Francisco, CaliforniaCalifornia, US
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