Compare - Sisu Data VS Tibco Spotfire

Here’s the difference between Sisu Data and Tibco Spotfire. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About Sisu Data

The Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine helps organizations leverage the power of AI and machine learning to analyze cloud data at massive scale to make better business decisions. Data-forward organizations like Mastercard, Autodesk, Upwork, Wayfair, Equinox, Udacity, Gusto, and HomeToGo rely on Sisu to make decisions to optimize their customer journeys, accelerate revenue growth, and reduce incidents. Based on years of research at Stanford University, Sisu’s mission is to operationalize the world's data to enable everyone to make the best possible decisions.

About Tibco Spotfire

TIBCO offers data integration and analytics software. It provides data visualization and analytics tools for on-premise, cloud, and enterprise offerings. It also provides a high-performance master data management platform that consolidates, cleanses, and unifies disparate data sources to create a centralized source of accurate intelligence. It provides functionalities such as process automation, process documentation, powerful human capital management, and predictive operations dashboard. The clients of the company include Amway, ASX, etc.

Comparison Table

CategoriesAugmented AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence (BI), Augmented Analytics, ETL Tools
StageEarly StageLate Stage
Target SegmentMid sizeEnterprise, Mid size
DeploymentSaaSSaaSOn Prem
Business ModelCommercialCommercial
PricingContact SalesFree trial
LocationCalifornia, USCalifornia, US
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