Compare - Feast VS iguazio

Here’s the difference between Feast and iguazio. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About Feast

Feast is an end-to-end open source feature store for machine learning. It allows teams to define, manage, discover, and serve features.

About iguazio

Iguazio is a streaming analytics platform for multiple industries. Allows users to capture structured and unstructured data to organize and store in the form of tables and files in unified data platform. It enables users to clean, analyze data and with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies it predicts data with solutions. Its products include Data Platform which allows users to stream data from multiple data sources, Amazon cloud, tables and files and store in the database, unified and automated management which enables users to monitor, manage, search and share data files with different business units and provides self-service operations and real-time insights. It also provides users to integrate with third-party applications such as Spark, R, Tensorflow and others. It allows users to perform edge analytics which enables to gather data from different machines to analyze and combine that with historical data in real-time.

Comparison Table

CategoriesFeature StoreFeature Store
StageEarly StageMid Stage
Target SegmentEnterpriseMid size, Enterprise
Business ModelOpen SourceOpen Source
PricingFree trialFree trial, Contact Sales
LocationCalifornia, USHerzliya, Israel
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