Compare - Equals VS Clarisights

Here’s the difference between Equals and Clarisights. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About Equals

Equals is building the 3rd generation spreadsheet: Starting with live, native, versioned data connections. It makes the data in your spreadsheet live and version controlled. Every data pull is versioned and traceable back to its source. You can restore any data pull with one click.

About Clarisights

Clarisights provides real-time, interactive and contextual reporting for marketing teams. Enables marketers to measure RoAS across channels, track performance targets, automate data collection, normalization, and joining. Enables agencies to identify performing ads and audiences and optimize content, creatives and targeting. Teams can collaborate across functions and timezones within the platform and analyze campaigns through visualization.

Comparison Table

CategoriesSpreadsheet based BISpreadsheet based BI
StageEarly StageEarly Stage
Target SegmentSMB's, Mid-SizeMid size
Business ModelCommercialCommercial
PricingFree Trial, Contact SalesFree trial
LocationUnited StatesBerlin, Germany
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