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Here’s the difference between elbwalker and mparticle. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About elbwalker

elbwalker is an open-source event tracking solution that delivers actionable data to product and marketing teams in minutes instead of days. It is the fastest and most reliable way to implement analytics - privacy-focused & integrable with your existing tools.

About mparticle

mParticle is a cloud-based platform that aims to put app & mobile web owners in control of their data assets. mParticle’s solution provides mobile app owners a framework to better solve for data ownership, activation, and attribution. Aims to simplify the integration complexities of the mobile ecosystem. Provides real-time user segmentation & activation through data capturing via SDK and helps in constructing audience segment from any combination of event, user and device-level data. 

Comparison Table

CategoriesCustomer Data Platform(CDP)Customer Data Platform(CDP)
StageEarly StageLate Stage
Target SegmentSMB's, Mid SizeEnterprise, Mid size
Business ModelCommercialCommercial
PricingContact SalesContact Sales
LocationHamburg, GermanyNew York, US
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