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Here’s the difference between COgnata and Generatrix. The comparison is based on pricing, deployment, business model, and other important factors.

About COgnata

Cognata provides a deep learning autonomous driving simulator platform. The company claims to use patented computer vision and deep learning algorithms to create an entire city-simulator including buildings, roads, lane marks, traffic signs, etc. It also adds dynamic layers of drivers and pedestrians behaviours along with local weather conditions based on historical data. It allows the autonomous vehicle makers to test their vehicles by creating various safety edge cases which need to be solved in order to launch an autonomous vehicle.

About Generatrix

Generatrix offers synthetic data generation privacy solution. Which will save you time, labor and expensive fines while complying with privacy regulations with ease. Unlock new revenue streams and drive innovation with fast and safe data sharing.

Comparison Table

CategoriesSynthetic DataSynthetic Data
StageMid StageEarly Stage
Target SegmentMid size, EnterpriseMid size
Business ModelCommercialCommercial
PricingContact SalesFree trial
LocationRehovot, IsraelDelft, Netherlands
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