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Shipyard is a modern orchestration platform for data engineers to build out solid data operations from day one. The platform makes it easy to define data workflows by connecting existing data tools and scripts together so you can see the big picture of your end-to-end data touchpoints. Shipyard offers low-code templates that are configured using a visual or YAML-based interface, replacing the need to write code to build data workflows while enabling data engineers to get their work into production faster. If a solution can’t be built with existing templates, engineers can always automate scripts in the language of their choice to bring any internal or external process into their workflows. The Shipyard team has built data products for some of the largest brands in business and deeply understands the problems that come with scale. Observability, retries, and alerting are built into the Shipyard platform, ensuring that breakages are identified and addressed before being discovered downstream by business teams. The platform has automatic scaling, high levels of concurrency, and end-to-end encryption built-in, so data teams can focus on solving problems with data without relying on other teams or worrying about infrastructure challenges. This results in quicker, resilient data deliverables that business teams can trust.

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