Apr 27, 2022

Which MDS categories do you think might get bundled in the future?

With @Hightouch acquiring Workbase and @Airbyte acquiring @Grouparoo - what MDS categories you think are deemed to be bundled together?

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We will see the cloud analytics database category start to bundle in the T part of ELT. We will see some of the cloud analytics databases bundle in the full ELT capability. We will see the metrics layer get bundled into either the data catalog category or the cloud analytics database category. We will see the ELT category absorb data observability. We will see cloud applications (aka Salesforce) start to buy vendors in the cloud analytics database category to build out their stack. I can't decide if the CDP category will get absorbed or if it will stay a seperate category, probably it will survive but it will absorb the Reverse ETL category . Master Data Management (Single view, golden record etc) will emerge as a new category yet again. - Edited

2 years ago
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