Jan 29, 2023

What would be the job title for me, a marketer building the MDS?

Hi, I am an experienced marketer with a tech affinity. I was just offered a job tailored for me - leading the creation of a MDS for a fintech company, then taking care of all this data becomes actionable and at the end creating the profit models and the real LTV for the company.I've done this before, always as a CMO or just Markjeting Analytics position, but never the full scope of it.The company gives me the opportunity to choose the job title (I will be part of the marketing team) but I am not sure what it should be. And going forward I want it to reflect as much as possible what I am doing since I would like to continue doing it in the future. - Edited

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Forgot to add that I am tech-savvy, capable of managing tech teams and at the current position would be working with a dev team and an ML guy (that would not be my team, hierarchically speaking)

a year ago

Hi Ivan, in my latest project the person that lead the development of the data stack of a multi-million € company was a Head of Data.

a year ago
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