Nov 16, 2022

Timeplus: Turn your streaming data in Kafka/Pulsar/DB to real-time charts and alerts

Glad to join the community. This is Jove, from We are building a cool service to help you to quickly build real-time applications easily, mainly with SQL. It's publicly available on, you can sign up a free account and connect to your streaming data and make sense of it with SQL and real-time charts.Just to give a few examples(usecases):* streaming ETL: filter or aggregate your data in Kafka/Confluent/Pulsar topics, route/transform the data and send to other message bus, or send to databases such as snowflake* build real-time charts: for example what are most active github repos in the past 5-10mins, or hot tweets on twitter* build realtime feature store for machine learning* build real-time alerts, for example when the user signs up your site, takes a certain actionBesides the SaaS/PaaS offering, we also provide on-prem/BYOC deployment. Comparing to Flink/Spark, much lower infra cost (no JVM) and high performance.Look forwards to your feedback if you can try this.

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