Aug 01, 2022

Seek Advice - How to make my management understand? Description below.

Hi,We are working on the modernization of data architecture. So we must go through data integration, ELT, setting up the platform (GCP) and producing the output. Question,Even though the requirements are easy to define on paper, they are usually very difficult to execute. How can I communicate this part effectively? I always find it difficult to explain to the management even though I have illustrated the effort part in Project Timeline, but still, the effort part is not that visible to them.What can I do to improve my communication?

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I would be happy to talk with you about this in detail, but I would probably start by understanding what matters from the management's point of view. This will make it much easier to link why you have chosen your particular data architecture to their interests. Often what comes up are financial considerations and what the Board of Directors wants, but exploring further will get you into some interesting and valuable conversations about the customer and the business as a system. Then the vision can become very interesting for management as you connect the data architecture ideas to these more detailed concepts (understanding what matters to customers will not only prevent churn, but also improve the experience, translating into repeat business and referrals--and we're doing this to help you mesure these things more accurately).

2 years ago
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