Jun 29, 2022

Do you think cost of cloud data warehouse is a problem?

We are moving from the traditional data stack to the modern data stack which is CDW-centric. Since more and more ad-hoc data works are running on CDW. Do you think cost is a critical issue for using CDW?

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you will need to manage the usage very carefully in order to keep cost in check. Specifically for Snowflake, here are some notes that might help you. - Compute costs will be more than 90% of your total bill when you just get started. Storage is very cheap ( $40 -$46 per TB per month) - It is very easy for the compute bill to exponentially rise if you scale up the processors (virtual warehouses in snowflake) ( each increment in scaling up is at least double from current size. for example - XS to S size will be 2x) ( you can limit user's ability to scale up, you could limit user's ability to create new virtual warehouses, you can keep a monitor on the usage and automatically stop if a threshold reaches) - If you have data in the range of few 10s of GBs - XS size of warehouse should suffice for processing - and even if you consider 5-8 hours of on time each day - you're looking at approx. $450 (compute and storage combined)Please reach out to me here or hit me an email on - and I can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your use case. Hope the above helps. - Edited

2 years ago
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