May 04, 2022

Are there any MDS tools for data collection/acquisition?

Hey all πŸ‘‹ So typically, you would build out your event tracking stack as follows:Web/Mobile App -> CDP -> Warehouse -> Enrichment/Transformation (dbt) -> Reverse ETL -> [Any destination]But recently, I've seen a lot of trends on the CDP not being a relevant thing anymore:** here lies the question, how do collect data? The first article mentions Snowplow for that. Are there any other options?Let me know your thoughts!Stay strong! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦Vlad

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Interesting thought - what do you think @Snowplow lacks that you're looking for?

2 years ago

Unfortunately it depends. It depends on what data you want to collect. SaaS, on-prem, private cloud enterprise apps etcIt depends if you want one tool to rule then all, or you want to cobble together and maintain your own stack (both have benefits, costs and consequences)For example if you have lots of SaaS apps you want to collect data from, you can use commercial offerings like, Fivetran, or open source products like Meltano. If you have on prem or private cloud enterprise apps, you will typically need something that does Change Data Capture (CDC) from a database. If you want to grab GA4 data, and your using Google Big Query in your stack, just use the native GA4 collector.Then we have the CDP style one tool to rule them all.And dont forget the ability to drop a file and make the data available, that gets you pout of jail more times than you would imagine.So it really depends on your goals and your context.

2 years ago
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